Sunday, April 3, 2016

Migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 step by step - Part 5 Test SPContentDatabase and Mount Databases

This is ongoing Migration SharePoint series.

I will be breaking the blog posts into 6 pieces :

Test the Content Database

It’s very important to test the database as its checks the any inconsistencies in database, orphan files, features not supported and any third party solutions. 

1.       Click open the SharePoint 2013 Management console in the SharePoint 2013 environment as shown

2.       Run the PowerShell to test the database as follows:

Test-SPContentDatabase -Name WSS_Content -WebApplication http://sp13fe01-dev | ConvertTo-CSV | Out-file “D:\Migation\WSS_Content_2357.csv”

3    The above command will take a couple of minutes and check if any issues happened. The main issues are because due to third party solutions. Remove the references in the content database PowerShell commands and run the “Test-SPContentDatabase” till we zero errors in this command.

However, when you migrate SharePoint 2010 content database to SharePoint 2013 content database, there will be some MissingFeatures, MissingSetupFile, MissingWebpart and MissingAssembly.

Fortunately, some experts have already written PowerShell to fix the issues.
a) MissingFeatures PowerShell here, and sample here.
MissingSetupFile PowerShell here, and sample here.
MissingWebpart  PowerShell here, and sample here.
MissingWebpart  PowerShell here, and sample here

4.       Once we verified that there are no errors in the Test database, run the Mount database as follows:
Mount-SPContentDatabase -Name WSS_Content –WebApplication http://sp13fe01-dev

5.  The mount command might take a more than 1 hour. 
6. Once you have Mounted the SP2013 content database, you can check the upgrade status.

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--aaroh :) 

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