Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to: Debugging Silverlight applications in SharePoint 2010

Hi all, 

Its really easy to debug Silverlight applications in SharePoint 2010. Here are steps: 

Step1: Right click in the "SLwithWP" >> Properties >> Click on "SharePoint" tab >> Check the "Enable Silverlight debugging".

Step2: Make breakpoints in the code for Silverlight code

Step3: Press F5 button. I always prefer Firefox. A new Firefox's new window comes up. Enter login credentials.  Go to SharePoint 2010 site >> Edit >> Insert >> Web Part >> Under categories, choose "Media and Content" >> Silverlight Web Part >>  Add >> Navigate to the XAP file which is under Videos, fill in the URL property: click OK button and our web part has been created.

Step4: Click on "Load" button. Breakpoints will be fried up. 

Interview with Mike Morton about implementing a Silverlight SharePoint WebPart with Visual Studio 2010

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