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Migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 step by step - Part 6 Upgrade site collections

This is ongoing Migration SharePoint series.

I will be breaking the blog posts into 6 pieces :

In this final step, upgrade the SharePoint 2010 UI to new SharePoint 2010 UI with added features. To perform this, we need to upgrade each site collection and My Sites.    

Upgrade top level site collections

  1. On top level site, we will see a top bar with pink in color stating “Experience all that SharePoint 15 has to offer. Start now or Remind me later ”  as shown below:

  2. Click on “Upgrade this site collection”:

  3.  Click on “I’m ready” and proceed

  4. In this step, site collection will perform health checks:

  5. It has to note that health checks may take 2-3 hours (depending on size of content database)and at the end shows an error if any. There are features in SharePoint 2013 that have been deprecated and does not work. If any errors happen, we have to fix the issue first and run the upgrade wizard.

    Click here 
    Discontinued features and modified functionality in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

    You might get some errors while upgrading site collection, even though out of box features are broken in SharePoint 2013. This my question that I asked in Social MSDN SharePoint Forum  

    These are the steps to fix it my environment:1. Renamed the default Video content type as above so it it does not conflict. (Did not use any third party solution though)
    Restarted the SharePoint 2013 timer service.3.Restarted the IIS.4. Ran the Site Collection upgrade.5. The site collection upgrade was successful.

Upgrade My Site Host

TechNet suggest to upgrade My Site host first and subsequently personal site collection: 

  1. Start with My Host site collection as shown:

  2. Click on “I’m Ready” button.

  3.  The upgrade site collection kicks in and will take few seconds/minutes to successfully upgrade.

  4. New social features such as Following, mentions is  available immediately.

  5.  Next, you need to configure My Site settings as shown:

  6.  Set the read permission for Everyone.

  7.  As you might have some few newsfeed activities in SharePoint 2010, you MUST check Enable Activities in My Site newsfeed and Enable SharePoint 2010 activity migration.

  8. SkyDrive (now OneDrive SharePoint 2013 SP1 March CU onwards) option is available.  

    Now, you can upgrade each personal site as below steps. 

  9. Start with user’s personal site collection

  10.  The upgrade site collection kicks in and will take few seconds/minutes to successfully upgrade.

  11. Please note during upgrade process you might get weird messages and it will be fixed when site completely upgraded

  12. New social features such as Following, mentions is  available immediately.

  13.  However, if you have only few 3-4 user profiles, above process is fine. But if have more profiles, use another approach using PowerShell. Use all personal profiles which is shown here:

  14. Upgrading the My Site Host using PowerShell

    Upgrade-SPSite << http://MySiteHostURL >> –versionupgrade
    http://MySiteHostURL is the URL of the My Site Host.
  15. Upgrading the personal site collection using PowerShell

    Get-SPSite -limit all |where {$_.CompatibilityLevel -eq '14'} | where {$_.RootWeb.WebTemplateId -eq  21} | upgrade-spsite –versionupgrade 

    Migrate all users SharePoint 2010 windows authentication to Claims authentication
    SharePoint 2013 authentication is  claims and unlike SharePoint 2010 which is Windows authentication.

    You need to perform a simple step migrate all users

    Please comment if this blog post is helpful.

    --aaroh :) 

    a) TechNet Upgrade My Sites to SharePoint Server 2013
    b) Upgrade My Site host and personal site collection
    c) Migrate SharePoint 2010 users to SharePoint 2013

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