Saturday, February 4, 2012

SharePoint vNext

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"Office 15" technical preview  began an important milestone on 30 Jan 2012, with an official technical preview. According to PJ Hough (CVP of Development, MS Office Division),
"First time ever, we will simultaneously update our cloud services, servers, and mobile and PC clients for Office, Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Project and Visio".

Another article on betanews, in Office 15 we expect complete make over:
  • For starters, it's long past time for a true, 64-bit version
  • Office 15 will need to support ARM processors
  • Metro is a must and ideally should displace the "Ribbon"
  • Finally, truly touch-enabled Office must come forth
Techradar, details Office 15 release date, some screen shots and other information.
One of the most exciting parts is that SharePoint 15 Technical Preview is downloadable.

SharePoint 15 what do we-know so far blog claims that office 15 is the codename for the next generation of office products and SharePoint 15 could be SharePoint 2013. Bjørn Furuknap will be writing about the SharePoint 2013 beta series soon.

Zdnet has also written 10 sexiest Microsoft business teases for 2012 and Microsoft has piles of product lines this year specially Windows Server 8, Windows 8 client (PCs and touch screen), Windows Office 2012 servers  (New SharePoint) and SQL Server 2012. Another great article came from Collaboris (UK) Will SharePoint 15 (2013) finally get an App Store? and they claim that SharePoint will have support for App.

This is the screen shot of SharePoint 15 Technical Preview which I download yesterday and indeed it has support for SPApp, SPAppCatalog and SPAppInstance classes. 

But the most authentic and genuine source of information I got is from Mike Walsh blog where he indicates Microsoft SharePoint team is silent as they are gearing up for SharePoint vNext.

So, SharePoint developers and administrators have to pull up their socks and learn new skills. 
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