Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to: Leveraging jQueryUI with SharePoint 2010

Hi all,

In my last post,I have shown how to use jQueryUI to interact with ASP.NET page with an accordion control. Then I thought, can I do the same stuff with SharePoint 2010 as SharePoint use ASP.NET as base framework. And I have implemented the same stuff in SP2010 as well. These are steps I followed: 

Step1: Create a New project in VS2010 RC New Project >> SharePoint 2010 as template >> Choose "Empty SharePoint Project" >> Project Name: SharePointjQuery >> Click OK.

Step2. Right click on the "SharePointjQuery" project,  Add >> New Item >> Choose "Visual Web Part" >> Name: WebPartjQuery >> Click on "Add" button. 

Step3: Right click on the "SharePointjQuery" project, Add >> choose "SharePoint Layouts Mapped folder". Automatically a new folder is created named: "SharePointjQuery". 

Step4: Under this new folder, create 2 new folders named: "css" and "js" respectively. This will contain jQuery scripts and cascading style sheet.  

Step5: Drag all javascripts, css and div tags as discussed in last post. Deploy the solution.

Step6: Go to SharePoint site >> Edit >> Insert >> Web Part >> Custom >> WebPartjQuery >> Add

The jQuery web part is deployed on our site! 


Download the source here.

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