Saturday, February 20, 2010

Access denied publishing Feature

Hi all, 

Recently I was working on SharePoint 2007 site and created a site collection in Central Administration. I followed these steps: 

1) Created a new site collection.
2) Keyed in the "Title" and "Description".
3) Chose "Team Site" as the Site Template.

Site Collection was created.

4) Navigated to "Site Actions" >> Site Collection Features >> Activated the "Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure"

Surprisingly, I got an error:

The office SharePoint Server Publishing infrastructure feature must be activated at the site collection level..

After some research, I found that Microsoft suggest to use "Server Farm Account" and must use as the AppPool account for Central Administration. In addition, i referred to one the blogs to fix this issue

1. Start >> Run >>  inetmgr 
2. Find the web site our web application. 
3. Right click >> Properties and choose the ‘Home Directory’ tab.
4. Change the AppPool to be the same as Central Administration.
6. Activate the Publishing Infrastructure feature on your site.
7. Change to AppPool back to the original.

Theoretically, it should work. It worked for me as well. 


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