Monday, December 28, 2009

Examining the differences between "Site Defintion" and "Site Template"

Hi all,

The concepts of "Site Definitions" and "Site Templates" are slightly confusing. I have jotted down the basic differences between the two. 

The concept is quite similar to the "Application pages" and "Site Pages" whereas 
 i) Application pages: are on the file system, complex to develop, only developers can create etc. 
ii) Site pages: are on the database, simple to develop, end users can do using Web UI etc. 

For more information on the "Application pages" and "Site Pages", please refer to my blog.  

Site Definitions

Site Templates

1) Requires administration access to the server

Installable  from the Web UI by site owners

2) Supports feature stapling
Additional features must be activated in gallery

3) Files on the file system

Files on the database. 

4) Can provision multiple webs 

Single web only

5) Relatively complex 

Relatively simple


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