Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bug on SharePoint Server 2007 SP2 and Hotfix

Hi All, 

If we try to update the SharePoint 2007 service pack 2, you may encounter an error: 
"Trial Period Expired"

Apparently, we are using Project Server 2007 and few months back we installed SharePoint 2007 SP2. a Product expiration date is improperly activated. Project server expiry is for 180 days and when you install SP2, after 180 days, you will get this error message.

Microsoft rushed with hotfix. The good news is that customer's data, configuration, and application code is not affected. These are the steps to apply the hotfix

Step1: Download the hotfix.
Step2: Install the hotfix and choose the default settings. 
Step3: Reboot the system. 

And you are done!!. There is no need to apply the Product ID number (PID) on the Convert License Type page in Central Administration.


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