How to display Sharegate administrative dynamic reports via Power BI on SharePoint Online

After working in the SharePoint domain for a couple of years as SharePoint consultant , I am fortunate enough to help customers from many verticals such as education, utilities, banking, and Government sectors. 
A common thing which showed me why SharePoint projects (in general ,all the non-projects) get delayed are as follows: 
No proper requirement analysis from the key stakeholders as a partner. When project starts and new requirements come within the project which were not factored in the initial project plan. This resulted in change requests and depending on the change the timeline gets shifted. No foresight in the SharePoint’s capacity planning in terms of SharePoint On-Premises environment. Please read my earlier blog about why SharePoint is slow for more details.  None or very limited SharePoint Governance. It’s not a new buzzword but SharePoint governance has become far more critical in SharePoint Online environment.   

In most of organization’s I have had worked, they have a…

How I passed Nintex Workflow Admin Certificate

Hi all,

Finally, I passed my Nintex Workflow Admin Certificate and scored 251 on 04 Feb 2017. I started learning Nintex products last Nov 2016 and started preparing for last week of Dec 2016. I tried my first attempt and was unsuccessful with score of 138 out of 300 in Jan 2017. The passing score is 180.

I asked a lot of questions from Nintex community about how to pass this exam. Erick Weitkamp (from Nintex) suggested to take the full exam, sense the kind of questions and then retake it again. I followed his instructions. I am working on SharePoint online and number of questions are not exactly the exam is looking for. However, after studying for exam I am able understand the basic concepts such as LazyApproval, Installation of Nintex forms and workflow, NW Admin tool concepts, backup and restore etc.

If you do not have Nintex subscription, then you can download a free app on SharePoint online  and create a free Nintex Account and practice with exam.

Some Nintex Admin Certificate ta…

SharePoint Online Sandbox solutions COMPLETELY Removed

Hi All, 
On 29 July 2016,  SharePoint team has completely removed the sandbox solutions from SharePoint Online.

SharePoint team is promoting Add-In model to create custom solutions.  
If you have custom solutions on SharePoint Online, they may not work.


How to: Change team site template to developer site. Sideloading of apps is not enabled on this site

Hi all,
While working on SharePoint Online apps via Visual Studio 2015, you may encounter some issue I faced initially.

1.Build a simple such as Hello World, if your site is Team Site, you will get an error in  Visual Studio 2015 when deploy your app as below. Sideloading of apps is not enabled on this site

2.After some research  I found I need to download the SharePoint Online Management Shell.

I checked all the SharePoint Online commands

3.I directly typed the following command:
Enable-SPFeature e374875e-06b6-11e0-b0fa-57f5dfd72085 –url

and received a welcome error: ;). Basically its feature is SharePoint On-Premises environment and not for SharePoint Online.

4.My research continued and found a script from renowned MVP Colin Phillips and download this script on my laptop.

5.I again got an error and his script has some extra special characters that PowerShell could not recognise. So I removed all the  extra special characters and ran again.

I again got an …

Why SharePoint is slow?

As a SharePoint consultant, I have seen quite a few end user complaints that SharePoint is slow in different organizations. The only thing which comes for those slow environments is poor planning and design flaw of overall SharePoint architecture.

In that context, getting proper requirement analysis from the stakeholders and scope for that project extremely crucial to have a successful SharePoint implementation and end users happy.  In my 7 years of SharePoint administration and designing of SharePoint architecture, planning of SharePoint is the key and concrete scope with complete user requirements.

This blog post is devoted to this and what has to be watched out primary bottlenecks along with tools.
Let’s get started:
1.Planning for SharePoint Infrastructure - Hardware Specifications: Check out SharePoint 2013 hardware/software requirements.    

Proper planning for hardware and supported infrastructure need to carefully done. SharePoint 2013 server RAM hungry. Therefore, many of…