Saturday, February 27, 2010

Issue with Visual Studio 2010 RC intellisense

Hi all,

Please refer to this post where in developers are facing problem including me in VS2010 RC's intellisense.  In VS 2010 beta2, there is intellisense for SharePoint 2010. For e.g. if you create a client model such as post in my blog and if you use VS2010 Beta2, there is no problem. If you upgrade to VS2010 RC, I found a small issue in Visual studio's intellisense.

Please see the screen shot where I am developing a client model and want to use <SharePoint:ScriptLink ...>. Surprisingly, there was no intellisense.

But when you type further such as ID, runat attibutes, the intellisense kicks in and you can use intellisense for other attributes.

Looks a bug in VS2010 RC.


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