Thursday, December 10, 2009

PDC 2009

Hi all,

Microsoft has released PDC sessions which inculdes:
  • Videos
  • iPod & iPhone pod casts
  • Slides (Powerpoint)
as I too keen with respect the SharePoint 2010 development and administration, Mike Ammerlaan (Product Manager, SharePoint foundation at Microsoft) has dealt with new programming concepts and paradigm.

Overview of SharePoint 2010 Programmability

He talks about:

  • Comparison for SharePoint 2007 vs SharePoint 2010
  • SP2007 Web Part vs SP2010 Web  Part designer 
  • Easy way to create lists with AJAX framework.

    Lists and Libraries
  • SharePoint is web-file system. It has folder structure, it has files and on top of it, it has site model. In the hierarchy, we have lists, folder and we code against them. 
  • Sites can have lists and libraries.
    >> Fields and List items.
    >> Lookups provide simple join semantics
    >> Queries within and across lists

  • New to the SharePoint 2010
    >> Lookup to multiple columns
    >> Relationships and joins available as well
    >> Validation
    >> Scalability, performance and throttling.

    The concept of list throttling is exciting and users can add more than 20, 000 items.
  • Concept of List throttling, connecting multiple lists using the relationships, scalability and performance.  
  • List validations such as email, integer validations etc., lookup to multiple columns 
  • Connect lists with external databases such as SQL servers.They work seamlessly with SP2010 and we can easily manipulate the lists as if we are real lists and views. Relationships comes with cascading delete and restrict delete functionalities.
  • SharePoint 2010 has really structured the lists and schema in proper way.
  • Introduction to the SPLinq.
  • Introduction to the Client APIs for SharePoint 2010

  • With lists, we also have list events and item events.
  • In SharePoint 2010 we have new events such as
    >> After-synchronous events (simpler event behavior)
    >> Site-scoped events
    >> Web creation events
    >>  List creation events
    >>  Workflow events
    >>  More user interface control (custom error pages)

They are overwhelming volume of videos from PDC sessions from Microsoft and its a boon to the world of developers.

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