Tuesday, September 29, 2009

IISReset or AppPool Recycling won't refresh email code

Hi All,
I was developing a SharePoint solution which contains instances time job definition in my VM.
For testing purposes, I hard coded my email address which is associated with my timer jobs. It worked fine.

I deployed the SharePoint solution to test server subsequently. Apparently, I noticed that in test server I had hard coded my email address.

Therefore, I made it dynamic email address in my VM, upgraded the WSP solution in VM. It worked fine. I also copied and deployed to the test server.

I did IISReset and recycled the application pool in the test server but it was not refreshing my email code and sending to only my email address and in that list I had 3 email seperate addresses.

It seems, when we deploy the timer jobs and upgrade the WSP solution, we need to follow these steps:

1) IISReset
2) Recyle Application pool.
3) Restart the Windows SharePoint Timer Service.

If we test it again, it should work fine.
There is one more blog about one of the SharePoint MVP about this issue.


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